Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery (dentoalveolar surgery) covers all surgical interventions performed on teeth and tooth-bearing structures.

These surgeries are used to save teeth. More precisely, this includes apicoectomy, tooth replantation and transplantation, as well as the replacement of natural teeth by artificial dental roots (dental implants).
Apicoectomy (root end surgery) is required when the bone surrounding the root end manifests inflammatory changes after endodontic therapy (removal of nerve tissue and sealing of the canal, using a root canal filling material). This way, provided the tooth has not become too loose in the socket, both the root tip and the infected tissue are removed from the bone during this surgery.

Replantation of teeth is usually considered after, for example, accidents involving traumatic tooth loss. Just like replantations, tooth transplantations can be performed on the jaw of the same patient, in the latter case by moving a tooth from one location in the mouth to another. Furthermore, dentoalveolar surgery includes all surgical interventions that improve the functionality of prosthetic devices (preprosthetic surgery).

The extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary when they are misaligned, cause pain, or when the jaw is too small for the third molars to erupt and align properly.

Apart from that, all pathological processes, such as changes to the mucous membrane in the oral cavity ore bone cysts, are removed and histologically examined before the reconstruction is performed.

Furthermore, we conduct tooth extractions when, for various reasons, especially for risk patients.

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